B&GPP General Patient Information


Patients require a referral from a General Practitioner to see a specialist at Ballarat and Grampians Private Practice. A referral must be received prior to an appointment being arranged.

Waiting Times

Specialist appointments waiting times may vary, if you require more information please do not hesitate to contact the rooms.


There is a fee associated with seeing a specialist at Ballarat and Grampians Private Practice. The fees do vary between each specialist so please contact the rooms to discuss.

Please be advised the practice accepts credit card, money order and cheque (these need to be made payable to the doctor you are consulting with)

Medicare Rebates

The practice is able to submit your Medicare claim electronically on the day of your consultation. Please ensure your bank details are registered with Medicare.

This can be done by visiting:https://www.humanservices.gov.au/sites/default/files/documents/ms013-1509en.pdf

Confirmation of Appointment

Confirmation of your appointment will be sent out in the mail. You will receive a text message or phone call within a week of your appointment.

Failure to confirm your appointment within 24 hours may result in your appointment being offered to another patient.

Workcover and TAC patients

We accept WorkCover and TAC patients however pre-approval to see a specialist at Ballarat and Grampians Private Practice is required.


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